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When To Evacuate and When To Stay

Hurricane Preparation Williamsburg, Newport NewsHurricane Preparation

When you hear about about a severe storm coming, you might be wondering if you should stick it out, or if you should evacuate. After all, evacuating can potentially save your life! But it can also make a few problems, too. If you’re wondering how to decide when to evacuate, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • The severity of the storm.
  • The distance of a safe evacuation area.
  • The feasibility of leaving town for a few days.
  • The likelihood of saving your home/belongings if you were to stay.
  • The possibility of people looting of damaged property.
  • How many sources are advising evacuation.

By looking at these factors and weighing them, you can make a better decision about whether to stay or to evacuate. Don’t make this decision lightly or flippantly. It’s a big decision to leave your home (or stay behind)! Here are a few pros and cons to evacuating your home in a storm.


  • Much stronger change of safety for your family.
  • Putting other family members at ease.
  • Saving at least your car, assuming you take that with you when you leave.


  • Possible looting of property.
  • Finding another place to stay.
  • Unexpected expenses of living in another place for a few days.
  • Taking a few days off work.
  • Being unable to explain how exactly your home was damaged (tornado? flooding?).

Although more cons than pros, you need to evaluate the importance of the pros. Are any of the cons really more important than the safety of you and your family? Consider the key factors above to determine the level of risk, and make the right decision for your family! Check out our Facebook and Twitter for more hurricane preparation tips!

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