Dealing With Fire Damage

Here are some do’s and don’ts you should follow for fire damage removal:

Fire damage is never a good thing, but dealing with fire damage properly, you can make the situation much better. If the fire damage is too severe and needs professional assistance, visit our fire damage restoration page to see what services we can provide. STAT Services is available day and night for any emergency. Check out the tips below and learn about dealing with fire damage in a safe a proper setting.


  • Immediately arrange to have your home/business secured from theft and weather to prevent further damage.
  • Arrange a place for your family to stay temporarily. The Red Cross may be able to help you with short term housing, food and medicine.
  • Contact your insurance company for instructions on how to protect and conduct inventory of your possessions.
  • If you have to vacate your home, contact your local police department and notify them.
  • Notify your employers, schools, mortgage company, and the post office.
  • Notify the utility companies of the fire; if necessary shut off the utilities.
  • Check with the fire department before reentering your property to make sure it is safe to enter.
  • Try to locate your valuable documents and records. Contact the proper agencies for replacement of any lost documents.
  • Once it is safe, conduct an inventory of damaged property and items.
  • Have salvageable contents professionally cleaned and restored as soon as possible.
  • Consider forwarding your home phone number to a cell phone so you do not miss any important calls.
  • Keep a written record of events, actions and conversations.
  • Videotape and photograph as much of your property as you can.
  • If you use credit cards, it would help to designate one specific credit card for everything related to the fire.
  • Save all receipts relating to your fire loss. These may be needed for insurance reimbursement purposes.
  • Consider your pets – you may want to board them or find temporary housing that accepts pets. If a pet was exposed to soot or smoke, you may also want to arrange for a check-up with a veterinarian.
  • Check with the IRS or your accountant regarding possible tax benefits to people recovering from a fire loss.
  • Empty freezer/refrigerator completely when electric is out & prop doors open to prevent mold/mildew growth & or smell


  • Leave your home unsecured and vulnerable to theft or further damage.
  • Enter your home or business before the fire department says it is okay for you to do so.
  • Clean walls, ceiling or other absorbent surfaces until restoration professionals (STAT Services) can inspect and direct proper cleaning methods to avoid additional damage.
  • Attempt to reconnect any utilities (gas, electric, water, etc.) yourself.
  • Open a fireproof safe or strong box for several house after the fire. Air inside can maintain extremely high temperatures, and may cause combustion of contents when it meets cool outside air.
  • Consume any food, drink or medication exposed to heat; discard these items.
  • Do not throw away any damaged goods until your insurance company says to do so.

Our Fire Damage Restoration and Clean-up Process:

  • Start with a thorough evaluation and proper measurements of the property
  • Contact your insurance company with the scope of the restoration project
  • Pack-out of items to move off-site, if necessary
  • Begin clean-up and wipe down all surfaces and contents with special chemicals and other materials
  • Use ultrasonic machines to clean soot stained items in home
  • Dry cleaning of soft goods
  • Treat air and contents with ozone treatment, hyroxyl machine & air scrubber to eliminate odors
  • Perform a cleaning of air ducts, flooring and furniture
  • Seal and paint walls/ceilings if necessary
  • Clean brickwork or concrete surfaces with dry ice blasting or baking soda blasting
  • Move all furniture and contents back in property

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