Odor and Smell Removal Services

Odor and Smell Removal Services from STAT

Having odors or bad smells in your home and not sure why or how to get rid of it? Let STAT help with our odor and smell removal services!
For odor removal, we use an Odorox Hydroxyl processor. The ODOROX hydroxyl generating system is a new, green technology and is the most advanced solution for eliminating odors, decontaminating surfaces and purifying the air. Hydroxyls (OH) are safe, naturally occurring molecules that are created in our atmosphere when the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with water vapor. They play a critical role in cleaning the earth’s atmosphere and are often referred to as the “detergent” of the atmosphere. They can be used to kill bacteria, viruses and mold, and to break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical fumes, gases, vapors and unpleasant odors. Through the use of patented UV technology, ODOROX replicates the natural production of hydroxyls to completely eliminate biological and chemical contaminants.

Advantages of the Hydroxly Processor

    • The main advantage: it can be run in the background while the site is occupied by humans or pets unlike alternative ozone. Often it is turned on straight after the arrival to a sewage, mold or smoke affected work site. Results can be achieved 2 hours after site arrival providing a safe environment. Businesses can stay open with happy customers.
    • Hydroxyl is much smaller than an ozone molecule so it can penetrate better into cavities, pillows and other porous materialThe hydroxyl molecule will always be larger than the odor molecule, therefore it can destroy the odor.
    • Hydroxyl can be less damaging and more gentle to sensitive materials.


What type of odors can it Remove?

  • Mold
  • Smoke odor from fire damage
  • Cigarette, cigar odor from house, car, hotel rooms, rental cars, boats etc.
  • Pet Odor
  • Urine Odor
  • Cooking Odors
  • Odor removal from Rugs (urine and smoke)
  • VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • Sewage Odor removal (Backup)
  • Gyms, Sports Facilities

How Does it Work?

Hydroxyls in the atmosphere naturally break down and kill bacteria, mold, chemicals fumes and other unpleasant odors.Naturally they play an important part in cleaning our environment. The Hydroxyl generator draws air through the chamber where the humidity of the air combines with multiple frequencies of UV light to create the hydroxyls. These hydroxyls are distributed through a high speed air mover into the room to break down odours and decontaminate the air and the surfaces of contents.
While we are cleaning the surfaces in the home including walls, ceilings and carpets we are running a hydroxyl generator in the background to penetrate and kill odor molecules. Typically this machine will need to be left for a few days to completely penetrate all the surfaces and remove the odor.

Mold Statement

We cannot just run the machine in a moldy environment and expect complete mold odor removal without proper mold remediation. Standardmold remediation, cleaning and removal standards still need to be done to proceed. Once this is complete along with the hydroxyl treatment, the building should be back to normal mold ecology as long as no new contaminant is brought into the environment.