Thermal Energy Detection

thermal energy detectionThermal imaging infrared cameras have many uses across a wide spectrum of industries. Using this camera can allow us to do a thorough job of thermal energy detection. STAT Services uses infrared thermography to address, assess and remediate water damage claims. One of the most effective ways to minimize claims and maximize the dry-down effectiveness is to provide our clients with a thorough documentation of the damage caused by a water loss. Infrared thermography can help us address water damage claims effectively and efficiently when coupled with the accurate use of moisture meters, digital photographs, diagramming and thorough note taking.

A trained thermographer using infrared thermography to assist in documenting and assessing large water loss claims can be one of the most effective and efficient ways to mitigate water damage of commercial/residential buildings. The use of thermal imaging devices can save many hours of labor and help to allocate drying equipment more effectively, resulting in cost savings to our clients.
Thermal imaging is also a very effective tool to diagram the dry down process or map the affected areas. When Water damage strikes make sure the company you choose, uses a thermal imaging camera to properly find and document the water damage to effectively present your water damage claim to the insurance company. STAT Services has Thermographers on staff that can come out to your residential or commercial property and perform an inspection to determine if you have any potential moisture intrusion issues. Fast action can be helpful to prevent secondary damage such as mold growth and structure deterioration.

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