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4 Steps to Securing Your Home After Water Damage

water damage newport news va, water damage restoration newport news vaAn intrusion of water into your business or home can be a traumatizing event with serious consequences. It is important that you take immediate action to help prevent further damage to your property, as well as risks to the health of your employees or family members. Whether your water damage is from a toilet overflow, pipe burst, major flood or a sewage back-up, following these steps will ensure a safe and thorough cleanup.

1. Turn Off the Power

In the aftermath of water damage, remember: Safety first! You don’t want to endanger yourself, loved ones, or neighbors. The first step to securing your home from more damage is to be overly cautious and assume all power lines are live (even if the water took out the power lines). Turn off the circuit breakers to all flooded areas only if the panel can be safely accessed. Check for any leaking propane or natural gas odors and turn these services off as well. By doing this you will reduce the risk of another hazardous accident occurring.

2. Turn Off the Water

After making sure that the house is powered down, try turning off the water valves that feed water to the source of the leak. If you cannot find these or they are inaccessible, contact a plumber if need to be to stop the source of the water break. You will then need to file a proper claim with the contractor and insurance. They will debrief you on what damage is covered and what your deductible is.  If the contractor cannot handle this duty, call your insurance provider immediately before any work is done so you can take advantage of the benefits provided by your insurance coverage.

3. Document Damage

After you have determined that the premises is safe and secure, don’t start cleaning yet! Document all the damages inflicted upon the house and objects by taking pictures and written notes. If you don’t take pictures of the water damaged items before these items are disposed of in the cleanup, then your insurance may not cover these objects.

4. Begin Cleanup

Now the cleanup can begin, but be careful of the water, because it can contain sewage and animal waste.  It is necessary that you protect your eyes, mouth, and hands during clean up. Washing your hands with disinfectants after cleaning up and before eating or touching your face is highly recommended. If for any reason, you do not feel safe entering your home, consult a professional and have them give you an assessment.

Helping people like you get back to normal after experiencing water damage or some other disaster is our profession and passion. STAT Services will work hard to save what is salvageable and will rebuild what cannot be saved. Acting fast can save more of your property even after the water has stopped leaking into your home or business. If you have experienced water damage in Newport News, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Yorktown or Hampton, call STAT Services. We a locally owned and operated water damage restoration company providing services to clean-up, restore and return your life back to normal. For all that STAT Services can do for you in this time of emergency, please visit our water damage page. To learn more about the do’s and don’ts of cleaning up after water damage, click here.

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