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Letter of Appreciation

No matter the job, we always strive to provide the highest quality of service to each and every restoration job we perform. We’re grateful to have customers who take the time to tell us what their experience was like working with our company. Below is just one example of a customer who felt we went above and beyond.

To all the wonderful people at STAT Services,

On February 7, 2014, I experienced the worst disaster of my life and learned that same day that there are still caring and competent, efficient people who are ready and willing to alleviate other peoples’ misfortunes.

My precious townhouse in Williamsburg burst a pipe over my master bedroom during what has to have been one of the worst cold spells in the history of the town. We were in Baltimore coping with the weather and cold, too. Mark Kaisand, the president of STAT Services, was called in to the house next door and immediately recognized the problem there was really a problem at our house. He went into immediate “hero” mode and took action. By that time approximately 49,000 gallons of water had spewed in through a tiny pinhole in a pipe. He called in his crew and they took all the downstairs furniture upstairs and brought in fans and driers. By the grace of God and these diligent workers almost everything except the master bedroom set was saved that day. They packed all my treasures carefully into boxes and labelled them “fragile”. They ripped out the drywall where the water had saturated and cleared out the fallen ceilings in the bedroom and the living room. The only items other than the bedroom set they were not able to save were items made from particle board.

During this time they were on the phone with us every day reporting on what they were doing and reassuring us that they would restore the house. I cannot express enough gratitude to these wonderful men who didn’t know me or when or if I would be able to pay them or what my attitude toward them might be. When I saw pictures of the house that STAT Services, my neighbor and my son sent there was no question but that this was one colossal undertaking on their part. Although this company was overwhelmed with jobs similar to ours, Mark made us feel that our job was very important and not being thrust aside. His amazing memory for every little detail of what was happening to our house was extremely reassuring.

He sent all the clothes in the dresser, which had taken the hardest hit, in the closet and all the bed linens, pillows and embroidered pictures to his trusted cleaner, Swan, he returned the damaged cable box, and, I am sure, did many other errands we could not imagine from two hundred miles away. When the job was nearing completion and the painters were called in to finish up, they discovered that our roof was leaking from all the days of torrential rain. Again the crews went into action, this time moving all the furniture stored upstairs back downstairs until repairs could be done.

What with all the other disasters in Williamsburg Mark was confident, understanding, and helpful in guiding us through all the decisions we had to make to replace cabinets and flooring as well as lighting. I know we never could have survived this disaster without STAT Services. This house, today, is in far better condition than it was when we bought it brand new. We reluctantly decided that we needed to sell it because we just could not be there to tend to it the way we wanted. It went on the market on a Thursday and by Monday we had two very enthusiastic contracts to consider.

Everyone at STAT Services contributed toward making this experience as easy and painless as possible. Annette, the secretary, kept every phase of the restoration under control and answered our communications with precise replies about where the restoration stood and what was being done. She also kept us in contact with Mark with lightning efficiency. Mark introduced us to his crew when we finally made it to Williamsburg, which made us feel that we had a real human connection to these men who had worked so hard on our behalf.

Mark, himself, is a truly Christian human being, who doesn’t just do his job or try to satisfy customers in distress. He takes control of a bad situation and somehow makes it all come out right. He even seemed to know that a certain chair in the bedroom in the direct line of the burst pipe was very important to me and although it was severely damaged he took it to an amazing furniture refinisher who brought it back to life! After the job was completed, Mark assured us that he would always be available to solve any other house problems if we needed him.

John and I can only say thank you for the incredible work, the extreme thoughtfulness, and the peace of mind STAT Services provided throughout this horrible, horrible disaster. The work was so outstanding that no one would every guess what that house suffered.

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